The geographic boundaries and properties included in the Sand Lake Area
consist of:
– Lots 7 to 21 Concession VIII Township of Bethune to Concession V Township of Proudfoot
– Excluding Lots 7 to 11 Concession V Township of Proudfoot
– Excluding Lots 10 to 21 Concession VIII Township of Bethune
– All as set out in Plan A attached
The purpose of the Association is:
a. To safeguard and promote the interests of the owners of real property in the Sand Lake Area
b. To consider and promote all matters relating to the welfare of the community of the Sand Lake Area, including existing or proposed municipal official plans, zoning by-laws and other bylaws within, affecting or impacting the Sand Lake Area and to monitor action and initiatives of the Council of the Town of Kearney relating to the Sand Lake Area.                                            c. To consider all matters tending to preserve and promote the environmental welfare of the shoreline and waters of Sand Lake and other lakes, rivers, creeks and lands within the Sand Lake Area, to the benefit of its residents.
d. To plan, recommend and promote the adoption of such measures as will tend to beautify, preserve and improve the community and its natural habitat.
e. To provide organized recreation for the residents of the geographic Sand Lake Area.
f. To facilitate communication between the members of SLAPOA and other external bodies, governments, agencies and associations whose decisions may impact the Sand Lake area
g. To acquire and hold and to dispose of such real and personal property from time to time as may be in the interests of the owners of real property in the Sand Lake Area and the Town of

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